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bfdk – A brainf*** development kit

Yes, I know, yet another compiler/interpreter for brainf***… we all know how many there are, we all know how easy it is to write, etc… First, you have to know, that was my 3rd application written in C, and I needed an exercise in C (compilers, interpreters, plugin systems, API design, etc…), so I decided to write this. So for the features:

  • Compiler (compiles to C, then runs GCC) and interpreter
  • Supports multiple dialects (pbrain, brainlove, ook!, and blub)
  • Source slimming (strips all comments)

I know, not very exciting. You’re probably wondering where “development kit” comes in. That’s for later, as I planned to write some sort of shell for it, which would complete it. For now, I think it’s stable enough for general usage.

The source is available here: Since this written was before I switched to vim, it uses eclipse makefiles, so it would be simplest for you to compile using eclipse. If you can’t, you can always use make -f Debug/makefile.

Here are some examples of usage:
bfdk -f — Will run
bfdk -c -f -o hello — Will compile to hello
bfdk -s -f — Will output a slimmed version of (you can also specify an output file using -o)
bfdk -d brainlove -f — Will run using the brainlove dialect
bfdk — Will run a shell (currently just a simple EOF thingy)

As I said in the beginning, this is not a serious product, this was just an exercise for fun. If you can find it useful, awesome, if not, don’t blame me for writing a useless product.

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