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About the Orchestral Tutorial Series, and other things

Okay, first, I’m very sorry. I promised a person I’d finish it, and I didn’t.

Why? Well, the explanation is rather complicated, but simply put, I had issues with making universal instructions for installing each software, and then life got in the way, and it got forgotten (or rather “Oh, I have to do it sometime… I’m sure that publishing it tomorrow won’t hurt” XD).

But, I was also slightly hesitant, because I had figured out a potentially much better way of making music (no DAW, just JACK routing), but I had issues with that too.

So yeah, I’m really sorry about this. However, I’m also happy I waited, because I have learned much more about orchestral music production since (my new methods are completely different from my old ones).

I am not planning to finish it anytime soon though, because, as I said in the first post of the redux, I am working on my own DAW. But it’s much more (it’s a complete operating system …… that includes a custom-made kernel). I will not post any details about it, but as you can tell, this is a huge project.

I’m not working on it straight away though, because I need some more experience. The first step is to create our own programming language. The language we have planned is theoretically possible to implement, but would be significantly harder to write a compiler for than C or pretty much any other language. So yeah, I do need more experience XD

Anyways, for now, I’m working on a new game engine to gently get myself back into programming (I was working solely on music for a while), and I’m also working on a soundtrack for a friend’s animation (one of the musical ideas is the first one from here, if anyone’s interested: ).

And to finish off this post, I just want to show a little bit of code I’m somewhat proud about (that was originally supposed to go in the game engine, but I have a feeling that this is not a good idea anymore XD). Made this today in about 15 mins :D  (took me a while to debug it…. rather obviously lol)

void rsc_ls_free(char**a){for(long j,i=0;!(((!(j=(long)a[i]))||(realloc((char*)j,0)))&&(!realloc(a,0)));i++);}


One response to “About the Orchestral Tutorial Series, and other things

  1. J.C. May 30, 2014 at 4:15 pm

    Don’t you worry. I cannot imagine all the complications of such a big project as the one you have started. Good luck! I’ve an eye on this blog BTW.

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