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openlux 0.2.1 + roadmap

A few months ago, I wrote openlux as an open-source alternative to f.lux, similar to redshift, but different in goal and execution.

openlux 0.2.1 isn’t a particularly exciting release, but it fixes problems with graphics cards that support 10-bit displays .. something that openlux claimed to support, but, as it turns out, didn’t. After nvidia’s new driver update, I found that out the hard way (the screen went really weird, and at one point, totally black … not fun haha).

I also changed the logo slightly, I think it looks much nicer now! Here it is:


Now about the roadmap, I’m planning on adding these features later on:

  • Two new backends, DRM and RandR, to support both direct tty (DRM), and more graphics drivers (RandR) that don’t properly support XF86VM (what openlux currently uses as its main backend)
  • A GUI for automating openlux via cron (and also for using it directly)
  • A GUI for iOS that will support both scheduling and using it directly (similar to the feature above, but iOS doesn’t support cron)
  • iOS 9 support (apparently iOS 9 works in a different way for this … sadly, my iPhone isn’t jailbroken yet, so I can’t test it yet)



2 responses to “openlux 0.2.1 + roadmap

  1. Murdock April 19, 2016 at 6:07 am

    Please, rotate the logo 22,5° clockwise.

    • Anonymous Meerkat April 19, 2016 at 11:25 am

      But then the rays would have to be rotated as well (otherwise, the rays would have to be split in half haha), which makes it look slightly weird

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