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How to remove the annoying YouTube lightsaber sound

Google pulled off a clever marketing stunt for Star Wars, allowing you to “choose your side of the force” – which consequently changes various Google products to fit the theme accordingly.

One change they introduced added lightsaber sound effects when you hover over the volume icon on a Youtube video. While being a cute gimmick, I found this to be quite annoying, especially when listening to music, so I spent the morning trying to make a small script that would disable it.

I thought I would share it, since I’m guessing there are others who also find this annoying

It works most of the time, but if you hover over the volume icon before the script has a chance to run, the sound will still happen. Just wait a second or two, and it will work :) Also, if you just installed the extension, you will need to reload the page.

I uploaded a unified codebase to github, mainly since I didn’t like constantly having to copy files from/to various codebases :P Here it is, if anyone’s interested: